Sports Massage

Sports massage is a very popular treatment choice for athletes, sports teams and individuals, it involves the manipulation of soft tissue through various different  techniques. Sports massage has many potential benefits including promoting recovery from injury or exercise, alleviate muscular discomfort, improve mobility, manipulation of scar tissue and promote positive psycho-emotional responses.

We offer a range of sports massage appointments including 30 and 60 minute appointments which can be made individually or in block bookings.

During your appointment we will perform a subjective and objective assessment, the therapist will determine what types of pain and discomforts you are experiencing, what factors make it worse, and the length of time you have had your pain. The therapist will then look at your posture and biomechanics and perform some simple movements and tests, establishing where and when you are restricted and where and when you are in pain. During this time the therapist will be considering your bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons, nerves and fascia.

Once a diagnosis has been made and your aims of treatment have been established, you will receive your treatment. It is very important at AB Sports Therapy that we establish a correct diagnosis and treatment plan for our clients in order to bring about the best quality of treatment for you. If necessary, clients may also receive a structured exercise programme to effectively speed up their recovery.